Hop Kee Pyrotechnics is a leading supplier of pyrotechnic products with over 65 years of experience in one of the most highly regulated industries. We sell directly from over 50 fireworks factories in China carrying a full range of fireworks products. We have great knowledge about fireworks as well as understanding customer's need. All our sales representatives have been in the industry for over 15 years. Our goal is to make your ordering to delivery experience as hassle-free as possible.

Our company specializes in exporting 1.4G consumer and 1.3G professional fireworks all over the world. Our main office locates in Hong Kong and we have offices in Hunan, Jiangxi and Guangxi provinces. Each office has a professional testing team to monitor product quality. For the client's private labels, the client can request a test video prior to shipment to ensure quality is up to standard. All products we sold are tested by 3rd party to meet CPSC standards before loading on containers.

We owned 3 renowned brands :

  • Thunderbird
    (1.3G professional fireworks)
  • Firehawk
    (1.4G premium consumer fireworks)
  • MightyMax
    (1.4G value consumer fireworks)

All our products are under strict quality control and are monitored by our local offices' testing teams.

Other than the above brands that customers can choose from, we also have in house design department that enables our clients to create their own dream exclusive brand and products. From the special effect, packaging, custom made assortments etc, we can customize the product to fit your local area's demand.

We have a very experienced logistics and shipping department that handles your delivery from China to destination with proper paperwork and most feasible and reliable shipping routes. We also can consolidate partial shipment with different suppliers per request.

Our company strives our very best to offer "Best Service, Best Quality and Best Price" to our clients with prompt deliveries and we look forward to building a strong and long term relationship with you.

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