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FB5670 Commander in Chief 24's (4" Max Load 60gm canister shells)

Packing : 4/4/6
Cubic Meter: 0.097
Wt (Kg) : 25.35
Dimension: L8.5" x W4.7" x H27.8"


1/ Green Coconut with Crackling Rain

2/ Chrysanthemum

3/ Gold Palm with Red, Green and Blue

4/ Colorful Willow

5/ Purple Coconut with Green Glitters

6/ Red coconut with Silver Glitters

7/ Aqua Blue Gold Glittering Willow with Green Pistil

8/ Titanium Gold Coconut with Red Glitter

9/ Red, Green Yellow Peony

10/ Brocade Crown to Blue

11/ Titanium Gold Coconut to Silver Glitter

12/ Silver Coconut with Red Peony