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FB5699 Monstrosity 6" Giant Max Load 60gm canister shells

Packing : 3/4/6
Cubic Meter: 0.119
Wt (Kg) : 26.0
Dimension: L14.2 x W6.5 x H28.3"

Effects: Biggest break available!!!  24 pieces per box

1/ Crimson Red w/Cyan,
2/ Purple/Cyan/Lemon,
3/ Crackling Red Plum,
4/ Purple to Brocade,
5/ Red/Blue to Silver Wave/Green Glitter,
6/ Red/Sky Blue to White Glitter,
7/ Purple to Green,
8/ Crimson Red to Chry,
9/ Red Plum w/Ti Gold Willow to Cklg,
10/ Gold Plum w/Purple Coconut,
11/ Silver Plum w/Red Coconut,
12/ Red Plum w/Brocade to Chry.