FB5700 Blaze Of Glory 6" Giant Canister Shells (Max Load)

Packing : 3/4/6
Cubic Meter: 0.13
Wt (Kg) : 26.0
Dimension: L28.30" x W14.2" x  H6.5"

Effects: AWESOME 24PC of 6" CANISTER SHELLS                  6 x Double Break, 2 x Whistle Tail, 2 x Tiger Tail, 4 x Mine and 10 x Special Ring Shells

1/ Crimson Red, Blue, White Glitter + Purple, Green and White Glitter
2/ Purple Orange Green Glitter + Gold Willow to Crackling
3/ Crackling to Red Ashes + Crackling Red Ashes
4/ Red Comet Tail to Red, Blue to White Glitter
5/ Whistle Tail to Blue + Red Glitter and Silver Fish
6/ Purple Coconut Golden Chry Mine to Gold Chry and Purple Coconut
7/ White Glitter Willow to Neon Orange Mine to White Glitter Willow Neon Orange
8/ Red to White Glitter Ring
9/ Blue to White Glitter Ring
10/ Color Dahlia to Crackling Willow Ring
11/ Gold Willow to Blue Ring
12/ Sky Blue to Green Ring