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FB9004B Tubs of Fun

Packing: 16/1
Cubic Meter: 0.073
Wt (Kg) : 12.4
Dimension: Dia6" x H7"

0830 Friendship Flower 1pc
0831 Golden Flower (M) 1pc
0833 4" Butterfly & Silver Flower w/ Base 1 pc
FB301 #3 Conic Ftn 1pc
FB8500A Party Snaps (L) 1bx
FB8502 Party Popper 2pc
FB8502A Magnum Popper
MX301 Cuckoo w/ Base (L) 1pc
MX303 Conic Ftn 2pc
MX314 Happiness w/ base 1pc
MX315 Friendship Flower (L) 1pc
MX336 Asst Fountain 1pc
MX801 Crackling Ball 1bag
MX802 Color Smoke Ball 1bag

MX811 Black Snake 1bag
T1016 Whistling Dixie 1pc
T1611 Assorted Fountain 1pc
TB1036 Flashing Strobe 1bx