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MX252A/B/C/D 7 Shot WE LOVE IT Assortment (12 sets of 4's in each carton)

Packing : 12/4
Cubic Meter: 0.026
Wt (Kg) : 12.0
Dimension: Across3.0" x H3.35"

MX252A We Love it Crackle - Red Tail to White Glitter, Green Tail to Green Glitter, Gold Tail to Crackling Rain

MX252B We Love It Whistle - Whistle to Red Tail, Red and White Glitter

MX252C We Love It Glitter - Gold Tail to Gold, Silver Tail to Silver, Green Tail to Green Glitter

MX252D We Love it Twirl  - Gold Tail to Gold Glitter, Red Tail to Color Peony, Green to Twister

MX252A 7S We Love it Crackle

MX252C 7S We Love It Glitter

MX252B 7S We Love it Whistle

MX252D 7S We Love it Twirl

MX252 all in one copy